Friday, 17 October 2014

About me

Some facts about me: *I am a proud Muslimah all the way from the cap city in South Africa. *I am 1.73m tall, but I like to think I'm taller. *In addition to my height, I love wearing heels, but not all the time. (Comfort first). *My shoe size is 8. As much as I love shopping for shoes, it's always a mission finding nice pieces in my size. *I still watch cartoons and I lurv Regular Show. The day is incomplete without it. *While all the girls were crushing on Goku (DBZ days), I was crushing over Vegeta... *I still have crushes on bad boys. The good ones get 'friend zoned'. Forgive me, I'm trying. *I come across as intimidating, but I'm really down to earth and sweet, and crazy. *Family is EVERYTHING to me. I will choose them over you any time, because they always have my back. *My best friends are my sisters and my cousins and my mom too. *I'm not into skinny guys, sorry, but I need some meat to hold on. *Oh I'm definitely into muscle men ;) *And short guys.. it's a no-no. I have 'Short Man Syndrome' :( *I'm a good cook and slowly turning into a great cook and an awesome baker:) *I have a passion for fashion, but I never follow trends. *Writing is one of my passions, hence, a good enough reason for me to start a blog. *I really like junk food, but not as much as my sister. *I'm such a sports fanatic and now slowly transitioning into a fitness freak. Fit n flare baby. *I like helping people, but I don't like being taken advantage of. *I believe in karma. I just wish she'd work faster. *Reality shows are awesome. My friends and I are equally awesome, we should have our own show. *I always feel obliged to correct people, but I never do because I've been told that they don't like it. *I break down easily. Don't let the strong exterior fool you. *I like making people laugh. Happy people means happy me. *Horror movies are my favorite. *Fast cars and bikes are soooo my thing. *I like being alone, but I equally like being with those I love and like. *I'm such a dreamer, I want to able to fulfill most of my dreams. *I sleep commando. What can I say, comfort first. *If I could stay in my pjs all the time, like I do when watching series with my sister, I would. *I love life. There's only one me and I try to be the best person I can be.

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