Saturday, 30 May 2015

Person to look out for: Fazeela Isaac

Some time ago, I did an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) featuring the adorable Maseeha Moola. In case you didn't know, she's the daughter of super mum, my good friend,  and this month's person to look out for: Fazeela Isaac.

Fazeela is a 28 year old BBA final year student; an Aalimah graduate; FAIS accredited broker and designer, who was born and bred in Chatsworth  Durban. She's this month's PTLOF because she is making her mark with every step she takes. If this interview were to take place over tea and samoosas, we wouldn't have got anything done.

What is the name of your collection and when did you start it?
The name of my collection is Maseeha Collection and I started it one year ago.

You're an accredited broker and BBA student, why did you decide to start a line of clothing?
I am a Jill of all trades (lol), so after trying out a few other businesses, I realised that my strength is in supplying products rather than services. And that coupled with the unpleasantness of unsuccessfully searching for abayas in stores that were unique to my individuality, brought me to the point of designing and sewing my own abayas and dresses. It is highly important for me to show our Muslimahs how elegantly beautiful, trendy, stylish and modern we can look whilst still pleasing our Creator.

When did you start designing?
I learnt how to design and sew around 2005 at the Institute where I completed my Aalimah course. I officially got back to designing in 2014.

How do you come up with the ideas?
Trial and error! I enjoy brainstorming with my cousin Haafizah. I usually play around with ideas and piece fabrics together and then pass the idea to her for a second opinion.

What type of fabrics do you use and are they easily accessible?
Bonbon and nida are my ultimate faves. I love the quality and texture of them as well as the versatility. I also add some chiffon pieces at times depending on the design. Cotton African prints are now being introduced to the collection and I'm loving it. The fabrics are easily accessible and available at almost all fabric shops.

Who is your target market?
Females of all ages and sizes. There are abayas for little girls from our 'Lil Princess' Collection, right up to teens and of course adult Muslimahs.

You're a mother as well as a teacher, how do you cope in all those roles?
By simply putting on my Superwoman abaya and hustling like a pro #HustlersParadise. It also helps to have a stupendously independent, brilliant and supportive daughter to add to the ease of trying to do it all. I might not have much time to breath between my students, my kid and my business, but the taste of success and independence makes it all worth it.

How do you define success and what motivates you to succeed?
Success for me is being able to smile at my bank account (just kidding) :-)
Having the ability to be financially, emotionally and personally independent is what defines success to me. My motivation for success is without a doubt my daughter Maseeha whom the brand is named after.

Where do you see yourself and Maseeha Collection in five years time?
Expanding my business by exploring other avenues like online stores and getting my abayas into boutiques with absolute brand awareness and brand recognition. As for myself, well, still pushing the hustle while growing my family in'sha Allah.

Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect from the Maseeha Collection:

Lil Princess Collection
Unique designs made to suit your style and personality
Maseeha has a lil something for everyone

If Le Mis Mimz were to have an awards ceremony to honour the women in my life, Fazeela would definitely win the award for Most Hardworking Person, because she does exactly that #HustlersParadise. You can view the Maseeha Collection here or follow her on Twitter: click here and Instagram: MaseehaM

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for a fashion show and to be dressed by Maseeha ;)

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