Friday, 23 January 2015

Outfit Of The Day: Fatima Teigh Mathe

Social media has a way of bringing people of different backgrounds and from different walks of life together. One such social media platform is good ‘ol Facebook. I have to say, I’ve met many people on Facebook who either added value to my life or who just brought irritating pokes, constant Facebook calls, inbox proposals and the likes.
With all that I’ve experienced on Facebook, it’s the people that I’ve met, became friends with and shared life experiences with, that matter. One such person is the beautiful-kind-hearted-free-spirited-outspoken-stylish-muslimah, Fatima Teigh Mathe. Today’s edition of the OOTD features her and her killer modest street style. What better way to kick start the year other than with her.

This was her birthday look, inspired by the 80’s. Yeah, we looooove the 80’s fashion. The off-white vintage blouse belonged to her late aunt and so Fatima felt it was a good idea to have a piece of her memory on her special day.  Unfortunately, you can’t get that blouse, but there’s hope, you can make it.

To go with the blouse, she added an African print maxi skirt, because she (and I alike), love African print. Getting in touch with our African roots. The shoes are an heirloom, her mom strutted her stuff with these back in the 90’s and passed them on to her daughter. Again, adding a piece of family to the look. The look is completed with a cream coloured scarf and a statement necklace, cos’ who doesn’t want to make a statement on their special day.

Skirt is from town (Pretoria CBD)
Blouse (Late aunt’s wardrobe)
Shoes (Mom’s wardrobe)
Scarf (…Again, mom’s wardrobe)
Statement necklace (a flee market back in 2004)

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Fatima and her outfits on OOTD ft. so this is not the end. Hope you liked what you saw and will get an idea or two on what to wear to your special occasion. Don’t forget to check out your moms, aunts or even gran’s wardrobes, coz you never know what you might find.

Till my next blog, peace, love and unity: Mwahugs ;)

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