Saturday, 31 January 2015


I cheated on my diet!
I cheated on my workouts!
I cheated! That's what I did... I cheated!

So what if I cheated? We all do right?! well, maybe not all of us, but definitely most of us. Anyway, I fell off the bandwagon, but I'm getting back up and YOU'RE gonna join me :) cos we're all in this together.

So because I didn't complete the Burpee challenge, I'm going to do it again and this time, it will be done properly, come hell or high tides.

Click here to view the burpee challenge. Also make sure that you print it out and stick it behind your door or on your wall or wherever you will be able to see it and make use of it.
 In Bradley Martyn's wise words "Getting better together!"

Oh oops... what's that?! I just thought I'd share a pic (or two) of Bradley Martyn

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