Thursday, 30 October 2014

Sneakers, Heels and everything in between!

I'm a huge fan of shoes... shoes of all kinds (as long as they look good on my size 8 foot), but I'm a bigger fan of heels and sneakers. I was 11 when I got my first pair of heels. Dad took me on a shopping spree for getting good results in school and the first thing that caught my eye, was that silver grey wedged platform heel. I loved those sandals. I would wear them all the time, to school functions, family gatherings, playing with my friends... they were always the star of my show. Anyway, I no longer have them, because firstly, I grew out of them and secondly, my cousin and I swopped our fav heels.

Finding the right pair of shoes (heels) is never fun. First of, considering my shoe size, all the good ones come in and up to size6 *Sigh* and that's when my love for sneakers developed and of course being a sporty person I had to have something with oomph. I will always cherish the day sneakers and heels met, fell in love, got married and created these awesomazing babies. If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look... (I'm soooo excited!)

I still remember my baby blue All Star boot (see the one in black n white) which I had to give away coz they were causing grievous harm to my poor toes. I miss them.

Say yes to colour. After all, we are the Rainbow Nation :)

This is just too much for one woman to bear. I'm going to shop online for these babies. I'll tell you how it was ;)

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