Thursday, 5 March 2015

Yoga March

We all like to look our best because when we do, we feel our best, but when it comes to working out and getting to that 'best', we always find making excuses the better thing to do.

If you feel that you're no longer as motivated to get where you want to be, perhaps revisit your past. What made you quit the first time? Was your diet too strict to follow? Were the exercises just too much to cope with or too difficult to handle? Were you just too busy to fit exercising into your daily routine?
Follow a simpler diet, something that works for you with a 'cheat day' now and then (don't over-do the cheating though).
If the exercises were just too difficult, cut them down and do what you can. Don't overwork your body and push it to limits that it can't handle, that's why there are workouts for beginners.
Don't make flimsy excuses not to workout like: "I just don't have time in my busy schedule" or "I'll do it later." Your schedule can fit a workout in, trust me... it can. If you have to get up extra early, do so.

Before you quit, try everything you can to stay on track. Get a minimum of exercise in.
Park your car far from the entrance so that you can walk and don't take the lift... the stairs will do wonders for your legs.
Find a workout buddy or get a personal trainer if you can afford one.
If you're like me and can't stick to one exercise routine all the time, then change it. Do what you like to do and enjoy doing it. I like to do exercises that will challenge me and I always do a new challenge every month.

I am not a fitness guru for you to look up to because I also lose motivation now and then, so I look up to others who have been in the same boat. So look for people who motivate you to get better. People who want to see you achieve your goals and help you get there. As Bradley Martyn always say: "Let's get better together,"

Here's this months workout:

Let's get stretching with these yoga poses... They are guaranteed to help you with all those aching muscles...

Until my next post: peace, love, unity MwaHugs ;)

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