Saturday, 28 February 2015

Outfit of the Day: Aatiyah Dineo Moyeni

Doing the OOTD ft. is always my favourite part of the blog, because I get to show you what modest African fashion is all about. Again, thanks to social media, I've come to know and become friends with many lovely fashionistas and showing you what they're capable of when it comes to fashion... is just an amazing feeling.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this beaut and just fell in love with her style. 
I could say 'modesty' is her middle name, but wait until you see her chic African style. Allow me to introduce Aatiyah Dineo Moyeni, a fourth year B.Ed student from the University of Witwatersrand. Aatiyah fell in love with the hijab at the age of 16 and has been wearing it ever since, masha Allah. This has inspired her to write poetry as a means of communicating what Islam means to her. She loves accessories and is obsessed with long socks. :) 

Here's what she put together.

With this look, Aatiyah represents both her Islamic and African identities without compromising one. Now as you can see for yourself, these bright, bold colours are what caught my eye. 

High waist maxi skirts are a must-have item for all modest Muslimahs and if you don't think so, check out my OOTD ft. posts. Aatiyah got hers from downtown Jozi. She pairs the skirt with a royal blue top and a yellow hijab from her wardrobe. Accessories always completes a look and she accessorizes with a chunky bracelet and necklace which she found in her mom's car (cos mom's just know where to get the coolest stuff from). 

Skirt- downtown Jozi (Jhb CBD)
Scarf and top is from her closet
Bangle from her closet
Statement necklace- mom's rear view mirror :) 

Having your own style is what makes you 'YouNique', but you can always get some style tips from our stylish Modest Muslimahs. She has definitely inspired me to get in touch with my 'inner African Queen' and to not be afraid of colour. Good-bye blacks and navys, helloooo oranges and yellows.

That's all folks. Peace, Love and Unity, Mwahugs ;)

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